Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thing #23 -- Wrapping Up

Celebration Time! I've learned lots of new stuff!

The main thing I feel about Web 2.0 is that the major part of it is for social networking. I think if you are a person who loves expressing everything and anything about yourself to others -- that's great! That's not my personality, though, and that's ok as well. I don't "dislike" social networking -- it's not just that important to me. I learned about something that is very much a part of our culture, and that's important. I want to reach out to the more technical than myself community that I serve. That is what I believe is the true meaning of diversity -- understanding others in all ways --not just connected to areas of ethnicity, sexual preference, etc.

Listen NJ is what I would most use to listen to audiobooks driving to and from home to Jackson.

I don't think my family and friends are all that techie that I would recommend much of what I learned to them.

Most of all I have appreciated the learning experience.

Mimi Koerner

Thing #22 -- Listen NJ

With the assistance of Freda Lehman (who owned a laptop on which the software was unloaded) I checked out the book Fifty Famous Fairy Tales to myself, and listened to Jack and the Beanstalk. I enjoyed the story, and once I have a Mp3 player on which I can listen to books in my car, this is the area of the Web Challenge that I would most use in my daily.

It was very easy to use ListenNJ -- the most difficult part was finding a book that I could listen to a part quickly for the purposes of completing this challenge.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thing #21 -- Podcasts

I clicked on and put in the name of one of my favorite preachers, Dr. Charles Stanley. I found that I had to register with Podcast before I could hear a video. I subscribed and then clicked on his name again, and easily found Insight for Living -- his regular radio program. There was no specific link that I could see -- I could only find the Podcast through searching. I would use Podcast if I had an Ipod.

Mimi Koerner

Thing #20 -- You Tube and You -- Additional Info

A You Tube video that I viewed on a visit to Colonial Williamsburg was

Mimi Koerner

Thing #20 -- You Tube and You

I read the article on YouTube and viewed the video. I agree that You Tube does have possibilities for promoting library program, and enabling customers to see what we have to offer. I think You Tube, like so many things in Web 2.0, is a method of self expression for strongly social individuals -- "social networking." It could also be a good way for families who live in distant locations to stay connected. I liked You Tube more than some of the other things we've learned about in the Web 2.0 Challenge.

Since I just returned from a vacation in Williamsburg, I put in the subject heading Williamsburg and came up with a video with nice Colonial music --- www,

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thing #19 -- Web 2.0 Awards -- additional info

Besides using Yahoo.Local I would also use Yelp, because it gives reviews of restaurants with "stars" rating. It particularly recommended Christiana Campbell's Tavern which I will eat at next week when I take a break from the Web challenge and visit historic Williamsburg, VA.

Thing #19 -- Web 2.0 Awards

Through Web 2.0 Awards I found YahooLocal. I'm sure others are very familiar with this website, but I was not. I put in Williamsburg, VA since my husband and I are going there on vacation next week, and clicked on restaurants. I noticed a category that said Australian Restaurants and thought, oh, an Australian Restaurant, I wonder what they serve? I clicked on the link and came up with ... YOU GUESSED IT

Outback Steakhouse!

Oh well. We have a gift card for Olive Garden so that will be our "franchise restaurant dining out" for next week rather than "g'day, man."

Mimi Koerner